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The Power of Isolation

A great little book to take with you when you need to manage stress to prevent anxiety.
We live in a world that glorifies and glamorizes whoever has the most money, and whoever shines the most brightly. But is being top dog synonymous with happiness? The evidence suggests, no. This little keepsake book points out the value in life’s simplest things. When life does not go as planned and we’re hit with surprises, the solutions can be found in nature, and in ourselves. Use this book when you’ve hit a troubling spot and see from a backward -yet, oh, so progressive perspective.
“This book in gently insightful into several themes that concern us as humans living at this point in history. The author blends Eastern thought and applies it to life in the West. The book is divided into twenty-plus chapters that are on different topics. The topics are interrelated and several greater themes emerge like the meaning of nature in our mechanized, technical lives and the different levels of healing that the body, mind, and soul may need. The author has an easy-to-understand way of writing even on some of these more difficult and abstract topics. She gently and kindly encourages us to explore the mental patterns that may or may not be working for us and those around us. In the end, she even includes her own favorite guided meditation. If you’re looking for a book to get you thinking about some of the deeper aspects of what it means to be human, you might enjoy the essays in this book. There’s much food for thought here, so I recommend that you read and digest only one or two chapters/essays at a time to get the most benefit from this book. I also suggest making a little note to yourself at the top of each chapter about what it means to you so that you can more easily come back to it if you find yourself grappling with the topic of the chapter.” Jamie BJ

Rise From the Dread: Escape from Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

Let’s Get Up and Rise From the Dread: Escape From Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

If you ever find yourself facing surprising or traumatic circumstances and looking for a complementary perspective, I write this to humbly share a tidbit of encouragement. Feel free to take whatever resonates with you and discard the rest.

Need to clear your mind from clutter and distractions? The author of this book was orphaned at the age of six months along with her sister. According to reports, the twins were found on a street in 1972. Today she is happily married with two grown daughters. As someone devoid of her roots, the law of nature has given her the most comfort. A tad bit of her philosophy is contained within the pages of this book: “We live in a world that glorifies and glamorizes whoever has the most money, and whoever shines the most brightly. However, is being top dog synonymous with happiness?

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