Korean Adoptees

Ever spoke truthfully about adoption only to be stigmatized as “negative,” “ungrateful,” or even “mentally unstable”?  You are not alone in this.  Be validated here.  – Rev. Dr.  Janine Myung Ja Ph.D. 

The “Unknown” Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now

The Unknown Culture Club: Korean Adoptees Then and Now

Compiled by the Vance Twins

This collection, compiled by Korean adoptees, serves as a tribute to transracially adopted people sent all over the world. It has been hailed to be the first book to give Korean adoptees the opportunity to speak freely since the pioneering of intercountry adoption after the Korean War.

The Korean Adoptees Worldwide Network is founded upon all international and human rights treaties. This community together makes us that much stronger. We break up the stereotypes of adoptees, share our experiences, encourage others, and promote awareness. This is our community and a support network related to being adopted.

If you believe that all humans should have the right to all information that pertains to them, or that identities should not be altered and sealed without one’s knowledge, and that all individuals should have the right to their (blood) family of birth, then you are invited to join the discussion here.


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