Korean Adoptee Worldwide Network

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network

We are devoted to listening to the needs of adopted Korean people, progressive activists, artists, educators, grassroots human rights organizations, and long lost family members who want to bridge the cultural gap by sharing stories, and resources, and is built around the progressive discussion.

Through global and community outreach, we validate and support the experiences of like-minded activists. We (the people) are the ”task force” that generates progress and the respect we deserve.

Join Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network

If you believe that all humans should have the right to all information that pertains to them, or that identities should not be altered and sealed without one’s knowledge, and that all individuals should have the right to their (blood) family of birth, then you are invited to join.

What people are saying:
“This site connects us adoptees and offers support on a global scale and provides a place for us all to discuss adoption without the industry or adoptive parents intervening.” — Matt J.

“This is a place that we can learn the history of adoption and adoptee rights issues without feeling guilty for wanting to know more.” — Kim S.

“I enjoy learning ‘the hidden side of adoption’ issues, experiences, and insights. I can also ask personal questions without the fear that my family or friends will know it is me.” –John M.

“This is an excellent website. I see it grow and what this can do on a global scale. Let’s just say we are flipping the script and shaking things up a bit.” — Katie T.

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