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The work of our network is aimed to target assistance to Korean Adoptees in the form of providing legal DNA testing, Korean language classes, and dual citizenship for adoptees and our children through volunteers and donations from sponsors and patrons.


Our Vision is to have many family reunions through DNA testing.


Through a volunteer programs we are hoping Korean adoptees can learn our native language.


Elevating the View of Adoption: Let’s make history together. For volunteer opportunities email us at


Our Vision is for Korean Adoptees to have dual citizenship along with our children.


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Let’s #flipthescript on adoption What You Should Know

Adoption Books for Adults is a nine-book collection that touches upon adoption from several angles, using various genres, including, but not limited to, memoir, research, anthologies, political, investigative, and empowerment.
The curator of the collective, Janine Myung Ja, acknowledges some of the most important voices in the culture of adoption: families separated by adoption, such as from India, Ethiopia, Haiti, Romania, Korea, Australia, as well as deported adoptees and adoptees stigmatized as “anti-adoption.” These individuals have long been shamed and ousted from the political discussion for generations while adoptioneers have spoken for them.

Adoption Truth connects domestic, intercountry, and transracial adopted people while expanding and advancing the discussion to include biological relatives and long-lost family members. Known for being one of the largest adoptee-led groups available on FB, you will also find a bird’s eye view on the industry from diverse individuals. Fellow members typically post the latest articles on adoption from local and global areas.

Symposium: Elevating the View of Adoption

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